April 24, 2018
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14-Year-Old Accused Trump Protester Learns The Hard Way…..


A 14-year-old accused of joining in the violent protests at a Donald Trump visit that rocked Albuquerque, New Mexico, in May might have thought the normal rules of law and order didn’t apply during a political demonstration. And who could blame him, really, as lots of activists on the left seem to believe they can operate outside the rules for regular folks.

Trash cans were being toppled, glass was being shattered, and protesters were cavorting on top of cop cars — seemingly without a care in the world — according to news accounts and footage of the violence.

However, a teenage boy is now finding he should have cared. Marcus Griego is discovering that throwing rocks at a cop is literally no laughing matter.

The teenager is being charged as an adult with aggravated battery on a peace officer, after the kid was identified as the one who threw a rock that hit a police sergeant in the May 24 riot that raged outside the Albuquerque Convention Center during a Trump visit to the city.

“The commander actually witnessed Marcus throw a rock directly and hit the sergeant that was standing next to him,” police spokeswoman Celina Espinoza told KRQE.

The boy’s image was captured in a picture at the time, but when police went to confront him about it, he was nonchalant, Espinoza said.

“My understanding is that Marcus kinda laughed it off and kinda just pretended it wasn’t a big deal,” she explained.

Well, it is now.

The teenager was jailed in a juvenile facility on $10,000 cash bail. Prosecutors haven’t been quoted in the media, but both the boy’s attorney and the police department are saying the adult charges are excessive.

Of course, a defense attorney is going to say that. But Espinoza said cops are more interested in teaching the kid a lesson.

“We don’t want to make an example out of a 14-year-old. We want to be able to guide and lead him in the right direction,” she said.

Maybe Albuquerque cops are more forgiving than most Americans.

For many social media commenters, charging Griego as an adult is the least prosecutors could do.

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