February 20, 2018
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Muslim Imam makes STUNNING statement about Orlando shooting…


Police now are confirming more than 50 people have been killed, with dozens injured, in what is being investigated as an act of terrorism at a Florida nightclub last night

 The gunman has been identified as US citizen Omar Mateen, from Port St. Lucie in Florida, whom the FBI believe may have ‘leanings to radical Islamic terrorism.’  Born to Afghan parents, Mateen was carrying a suspicious device, possibly a suicide vest, when he opened fire on the dance floor inside the Pulse nightclub in the early hours of this morning in what many are calling a “Paris-style attack.”

At a press conference this morning, authorities briefed the public on the latest details they have uncovered. Also speaking at the news conference was Imam Muhammad Musri, the president and senior Imam of the Islamic Society of Central Florida. Interestingly, no Christian or Jewish leaders were invited to speak to reporters.

What Imam Musri said about the attacks is nothing short of stunning, as he blamed “mass shootings” for the tragedy even as he called for people not to “jump to conclusions.”

Imam mass shootings

Imam Muhammad Musri said police have determined there has been no connection to anyone else. No, police have not said that, they said they are still investigating. Now he’s saying we have to look to issue of mass shootings, ‘we must do something to stop the mass shootings that are happening all the time’. Onthe other hand, he said people should not ‘jump to conclusions’ as to blame, that we must ‘come together.’

 No, we must not jump to conclusions — like blaming guns, as Imam Musri is doing. (Funny that no one ever seems to call for addressing the growing problem of suicide vests.)

Imam Musri also claimed that authorities know the gunman is not connected to others; which is NOT what authorities said. Talk about “jumping to conclusions.”

What we must do is wake up to the evidence that is in front of us, which by all indications point to Islamic extremism having played a role here — and seeming to take root right here in our homeland, from coast to coast.

At a time when peaceful Muslim leaders could play a role in supporting the fight against Islamic extremism, the last thing we need is someone perpetuating a false narrative about guns and trying to deflect from the reality of the cancer that is growing and metastasizing. Guns, sir, are not the problem; the problem here is the ideology of Islamic jihadism. And, sadly, Imam Musri — rather than inspiring a sense of we’re in this together — has just done more to divide and anger with his statement.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

Reported by allenbwest.com and cnn.com


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