February 20, 2018
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Romney’s envy of Trump, obvious

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When it comes to the 2016 presidential election one thing is for sure, all out war is coming.

As we have seen today Mitt Romney is back in the news supporting the Democratic campaign for Hillary Clinton (not directly, just everything in his power to make sure Trump loses)

Jealousy is a disease that does not have a cure.

As we have seen Mitt as a wealthy person who in the 2012 presidential election could not relate to the poor or middle class. Being envious of Donald Trump having the largest primary votes in GOP history, and it is eating away at Romney.

Supporting the “enemy” is the last choice of a desperate individual. To not sleep at night because he failed in 2012, tossing and turning, up and down all night and thinking of everything you can do to take down someone on your side is worthy of you renouncing the Republican Party.

Perhaps this IS your play. Maybe you are trying to reinvent yourself, taking a step down off of your high horse to play with the peasants to show “compassion” in order to run a campaign in the future (though he will always lose a presidential election because he is not genuine or concerned for the “we the people”)

“We the people” will never fully understand why you are choosing to go against the popular and now Republican nominee, all we can do is “call a spade a spade” and right now his actions are telling the American people he is an elitist who isn’t getting his way, and he is going to voice an opinion.

Mr. Romney, before you decide to call the GOP nominee a racist or sexist, I would make sure all the skeletons are out of your own closet.

“Romney famously alienated large cross-sections of the American public during his failed 2012 presidential run, in which he insulted 47 percent of his countrymen, challenged a primary opponent to a ten-thousand dollar bet, spoke of evaluating “binders full of women” when hiring people, and in general came across as indifferent to and unaware of the concerns of lower-class Americans.

Various #NeverTrump commentators and fading consultants, chastened by their primary defeat, have accused Trump supporters of being racists or misogynists, sounding much like the left-wing social justice warriors that they claim to oppose.” – Brietbart

We don’t know if Hillary or George Soros are involved with you at this point, but since you are clearly a misogynist yourself and saying Trump is one, preaching out of the same handbook as Hillary (wearing $12,000 suit while talking to the poor) we only imagine they are involved at some level. Again we have to call a spade what it is.

Mitt needs to choose wisely, he doesn’t want to be on the losing side of this election. If he continues down this path and Trump wins, he will shake up the “establishment rulers” and Romney will will never have a chance in the future.

An opinion.


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