February 20, 2018
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WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg Goes On Dumbest Gun Control Rant In Liberal History… WOW

As has become inevitable these days following a high-profile shooting, mass or otherwise, the progressive left has unleashed its righteous fury on the bane of our society that causes so much grief.

No, not the murderous scum who mercilessly slaughtered several dozen innocent club-goers in Orlando, Florida, but the inanimate tools he used to commit a bevy of already illegal criminal acts (aggravated assault and murder, to name a couple), those being a legally purchased semi-automatic rifle and handgun.

Enter “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who launched into an incredibly uninformed and nonsensical rant on Monday regarding firearms and the Second Amendment that protects our natural right to keep and bear those arms, according to Breitbart.

Speaking of gun control in the context of the horrific terrorist attack in an Orlando nightclub, Whoopi declared, “It’s about a lot of different things, you know. It’s about an amendment in the Constitution that people misread.”

“The Constitution doesn’t say you can carry hundreds of guns,” she continued. “It says you can protect your home. It says you can protect yourself.”

“It doesn’t say get 55 guns — or military style — you know, people say, well, we need to have our guns because we can go shoot — you can’t hunt anything with an assault rifle,” explained the would-be constitutional and firearms expert. “There’s nothing left after, you can’t do it, you — it’s gone and not for nothing, all you people on Twitter that like to come after folks, back up, because you can’t explain this.”

“You can’t explain this away. You couldn’t explain it in Sandy Hook. You can’t explain it here. There’s no reason for anybody to have a machine gun basically to do that — I’m sorry,” she argued nonsensically. “So keep your stuff to yourself. I don’t care what you think. Back off me, I don’t care.”

If you have a few brain cells to spare and can tolerate the ill-informed drivel spewing out of the mouths of these ladies, feel free to watch the entire segment here.

First of all, while the Constitution doesn’t say that people can carry hundreds of guns, it also doesn’t say that people can’t carry that many guns, if it were even possible.

Secondly, “military-style” arms were precisely what the Founders and authors of the Second Amendment had in mind when they codified our natural rights, as the purpose had nothing whatsoever to do with hunting or sport-shooting and everything to do with protecting oneself and one’s community from all enemies that would bring harm, up to and including a tyrannical government using its own “military-style” weapons.

I won’t even address her “machine gun” canard (though I guess I kind of am), as the Orlando shooter didn’t use one, what with them already being highly regulated and for all intents and purposes illegal for the average person to possess, absent plenty of money, a clean background and the Job-like patience required to jump through the ATF’s series of flaming bureaucratic hoops to obtain one.

Whoopi Goldberg revealed herself to be woefully uneducated when it comes to guns and the Second Amendment, much like many of her liberal Hollywood friends and the majority of cable news anchors and reporters.

This is no surprise, and there is no doubt that we will hear similarly foolish and just plain wrong rants about guns by the left for as long as there is a left around to rant.

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