February 20, 2018
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Allen B. West Recommends Suspending Open Carry during RNC, Do you Agree?

As you’re reading this, the West family is on the way to Cleveland for the RNC convention. We’re attending as the guests of our dear friend and co-chairman of the RNC, Sharon Day — one of my former constituents in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It’s going to be an interesting event and a historic one for our daughters Aubrey and Austen to see. And yes, I’m concerned about the security at the event, but that’s why I have prayer.

First, let me address the issue of the Cleveland Police Union leadership requesting of Ohio Governor John Kasich a suspension of the Open Carry Law for the convention. Yes, I’m a Life Member of the NRA and y’all know that I’m an NRA Board member, but what I am stating here is my personal assessment.
I am a serious and staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, but I also have some common sense. In light of the recent terror events in Orlando and Nice, — combined with the rise of ambush -tyle attacks against our law enforcement officers — I believe a secure environment is more important.

My recommendation would be a security cordon radius around the RNC convention site where the open carry law is suspended for the time frame of the event. It should be the decision of the head of the Cleveland Police to determine the radius of that cordon. This has already been done in the immediate convention zone area — but in light of these recent activities of ambushes against law enforcement officers, that security cordon should be expanded — for the safety of our police officers, and those outside that immediate zone.

If Gov. Kasich doesn’t heed this recommendation and request from Cleveland police union leadership, then he will be responsible for any incident that occurs. I don’t think that’s something Gov. Kasich wants on his resume. This is not about overturning state statute, it’s about common sense.

Here is the scenario, if the New Black Panther Party — who has stated they’re going to carry weapons openly in the vicinity of the convention and they do so — what do you think is the response? Not to mention some Islamic jihadist, such as an Omar Mateen. These are indeed different times.

Yes, those in opposition, and who can, will carry openly as well — and I gotta tell y’all, if this convention was being held in Dallas, I would be armed. Tensions are at an all time high — thanks President Obama — and Islamic terror activity is at a fever pitch domestically and globally — thanks President Obama.

Draw a cordon radius around the event and temporarily suspend the open carry law in response to an emergency period. Some may say that what makes this an emergency — a large congregation of individuals – and a viable, credible and identifiable threat.


Now to the selection of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as the GOP VP nominee — I know Gov. Pence well, and he is an honorable man of impeccable character. Just as a side note, the Hillary Clinton campaign responded with the announcement of Pence as the GOP VP nominee calling him the most radical person ever to be selected…I must contend with Mrs. Clinton on that assertion.

The most radical person ever to be nominated for national office in the United States sits in the Oval Office today, Barack Hussein Obama. Here’s a guy, who as an Illinois State Senator, supported a law that would have made it legal to kill a baby that survived an abortion. Now, that’s not just radical, it’s infanticide; murder…what type of demonic soul would support such a piece of legislation? Yes, the guy who is currently president of the United States — so much for that first unalienable right to life.

When it comes to Gov. Pence himself, well, after the 2012 presidential election loss, the GOP conducted a research after-action study called its “post-mortem” autopsy report. It talked about better engagement in the minority communities. I hate the word “outreach” — I much more prefer the term “policy inclusiveness.”
This is why, in 2012, Gov. Mitt Romney won some 73 percent of the Counties in the country. Yet, with just some 27 percent of counties, Obama won with over 300 electoral college votes — and you know all you need is 270. So here is my concern about Gov. Mike Pence being the GOP VP nominee: the center of those 27 percent is urban America. And in the urban, inner city communities of America, you’ll find the greatest evidence of the failure of liberal progressive socialist policies. You’ll find the breakdown of the family, lack of educational opportunities and choice, pathetic unemployment statistics — especially with black teens — and a deplorable situation for black small businesses and entrepreneurship.

As I’m writing this, Donald Trump has only seven percent support in the black community. My concern is whether a Gov. Mike Pence can enable a policy inclusiveness penetration into not just the black, but also the Hispanic community.

Ok, gonna say what needs to be said, and what folks have said to me in person and via email and text message. Once again, the GOP ticket is two white guys, when there is a plethora of minority conservatives who want to be included — but would like to have someone who resembles them. And when we have this wholehearted support of racial division by the new American Socialist Party, and their complicit liberal progressive media accomplices, just watch for the panning the crowd shots to highlight “people of color.” Heck, we already have a controversy at the convention of color-coded areas and movement means — such as a sign directing people to the “White Elevator.” Ugh.

Here is the sad reality. National-level elections are done successfully in two phases: image and message. The GOP has to come to grips with the image phase and its necessity to engage and win…if not, you will NEVER successfully prosecute the message phase — no matter how great it is.

So, going into the 2016 RNC convention, the GOP once again sends the wrong image — that means the message needs to be perfect. We shall see…

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