February 20, 2018
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At least 73 people have been killed during an attack in Nice, France Bastille Day Celebrations


“GRAPHIC”. Do not watch if you’re not smart enough to understand that we must wake up people.
Aftermath of the Nice Attack.

At least 73 dead in ‪#‎NiceAttack‬ tonight for Bastille day in France.
I’m pretty sure the anti-white elites are going to tell us that it’s a deranged person who did this, and that we shouldn’t generalize !
For the past several months, there have been several terror attacks in France, people were killed. The most deadly one was the Bataclan Attack. Every time, the french government told us that those people were “shouting Allah Ackbar to give them strength” or that it had NOTHING to do with islam.
They were half true. It’s not about islam, it’s about ‪#‎WhiteGenocide‬. Why ? Those attacks are the results of the anti-white policies implemented in White Countries. For the past decades, we’ve been forced to accept massive non-white immigration in our countries. We’ve been attacked by brainwashed idiots with words like “racist, “nazi”, “fascist”, in order to shame us into silence. Forced to accept our own destruction or else be attacked for thought crime.

It needs to stop. Or else, we’ll be destroyed, either by violence or by replacement level migration.


As reported by Ruptly and Europa Rising

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