February 18, 2018
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Where is the Media and Al Sharpton? A 1000 miles away from this…

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT : Three Black Women AND THEIR CHILDREN Beat A White Homeless Man To Death With A Hammer – The Media Is Ignoring This Because It Doesn’t Fit Their Narrative

A 51-year-old, white homeless man was beaten to death by a group of black women and teenagers, and you can bet Al Sharpton and the Drive By Media are not interested in the story.

It all began in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, where a ten-year boy lied to his mother, Aleathea Gillard, and said that he had been struck by a homeless man to explain why he was late getting home.

In response to this, rather than acting like a calm and responsible adult, and notifying the authorities about the alleged assault, investigators believe that Aleathea Gillard, Shareena Joachim, and Kaisha Duggins took it upon themselves to be judge, jury and executioner in a lynch style form of vigilantly justice.

They appear to have loaded their mini van with children between the ages of 12 and 14, and drove down to the gas station where the victim, Robert Barnes was standing outside of a Sunoco. Barnes was a regular at the gas station where he pumped gas for people for tips.

Without warning, and in full view of the camera, the minivan pulled up to the front of the station and its occupants unloaded and swarmed around Barnes. The victim attempted to run away, but was blocked, and then fell to the ground after being hit in the head with a hammer.

The gang then continued to brutally beat the fallen man, by striking him with fists, stomping on his head, and clubbing him with makeshift weapons.

Barnes was conscious, bud badly injured, when he was taken to the hospital. He slipped into a coma, and remained that way until he eventually succumbed to “complications from blunt impact to the head.”

Had this been a group of white people doing the exact same thing to a black man, you can believe that the Main Stream Media would have covered the story relentlessly from the month of April, when the incident happened, to November, when Barnes died.

The narrative falls apart when the victim is white, and the literal lynch mob is black. It is why the mainstream media will not cover stories like this.

After Barnes’ death in November, the three adult females allegedly involved in the beating, Aleathea Gillard, Shareena Joachim, and Kaisha Duggins, will be charged with the murder. The suspected murderers were caught after appearing at a hospital to admit an unidentified 13-year-old child who also participated in the lynching. The child was believed to have been hit by pepper spray that Gillard was trying to hit Barnes with. The suspects showed up to the hospital with Barnes’ blood on them.

Reported by patriotchronicle.com

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